For a limited time we will move your current manufactured home to our community for FREE when you lease a lot at Northland for 3 years* Contact our community office for details. 

Lease a lot at Northland and we'll move your current home for FREE!*

You've helped our home,
let us help you with yours.

All active military and veterans receive $25 off monthly site rent for 1 year!*

We understand the sacrifice you've made to keep us safe. As a thank you we'd like to offer you as an active military or veteran a $25 discount on your site rent for one year. It's our way to acknowledge all you've done for us. Ask at the office for all the details.

*The following restrictions apply: At least one leaseholder must provide management with written proof of service evidencing that he/she/they are in any branch of the active military service, inactive military service, or a veteran of the armed services of the United States of America. Current residents may be eligible for this discount on the condition that all rental charges have been paid in full when due each month for the past six months. If management has issued a 7-Day Notice to any current resident in the past six months, then such residents are not eligible for this discount. Eligible applicants will receive a one-time discount of $25.00 off the monthly rental rate for twelve months on the condition that all rental charges are paid in full when due each month. If management issues a 7-Day Notice for nonpayment of rent, then this discount will be automatically rescinded by the issuance of the 7-Day Notice effective immediately. Occupants are not eligible for this discount as it applies to leaseholders only.

Suburban Rapids Will Move Your Home

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